Homeless Kitten Fell Asleep In Her Rescuer’s Truck, He Didn’t Have The Heart To Wake Her


The young man in this story came across a homeless calico kitten one day, as it was laying on the side of the road, in a wooded area. In his mind, someone had either decided to dump the kitten there or it had become separated from its mother.

Either way, the little kitten was in need of a helping hand. The young man made the decision to provide a rescue on his own and save the little creature from an uncertain fate. This kitten was in need of treatment as soon as possible and fortunately, this good Samaritan arrived on the scene to offer assistance.

He was able to place the abandoned kitten into his truck and the animal was so grateful for the help she was receiving, she perched herself on the young man’s shoulder as he drove. The two made for an adorable pair and this helpful man should be commended for his selfless behavior.


While most would have simply left the kitten where they found her and failed to even pick up a phone and call for help, he took matters into his own hands. The world could certainly use more people like this young man. Perhaps we’d see a few less kittens left on the side of the road to suffer?


After he got the kitten home and they were both were settled in for the night, the next day was crucial to the kitten’s survival. The young man was bringing the animal to the vet’s office, so that she could receive professional assistance with her fleas.


All of the events that transpired after her rescue must have tuckered out this poor little girl, because as soon as she arrived back at her new home, the kitten had already fallen asleep. Not having the heart to wake her, he sat in his truck with the kitten for an hour until she finally woke up. This just might be one of the most selfless acts we’ve ever seen.

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The bond that immediately develop between this young man and his new little friend touched our hearts. If you enjoyed this story as much as we did, then be sure to spread the love and pass it along to your friends and loved ones. Don’t be shy and share away! Hopefully, these two are able to remain good friends for several years to come and enjoy more road trips together. Upate: She’s now living happily with a family and another rescue cat :)

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