Bear Tortured And Forced To Dance Gets Her First Real Home


Holly the bear has had a terrible life because the culture in India tolerates mistreatment of these animals. Her mother was killed and she was kept and trained as an exotic dancing bear. This was a big tourist entertainment business in India. This is part of the culture there and continues in some some degree today.

Rescue groups like (IAR)International Animal Rescue and Wildlife SOS play a big role in these countries where the culture and laws don’t protect these poor animals. Holly was lucky to be saved by IAR but many others back when this practice was booming were not.

Holly was one of these dancing bears back in the nineties to early in this century who were tortured and trained to perform while their master enslaved them.


Holly was controlled by burning a hole in her nose so a rope could control her every movement. The pictures in this post are so very heart breaking and it is hard to believe anybody could really do such a thing. Holly is what you call a sloth bear and is found in the wilds of India but for fifteen years she lived a life of hell around mankind.


Her trainer did anything he could to maintain control over her including beating and not feeding her. Holly is now home after spending a long time in hell thanks to the Wildlife SOS sanctuary. Holly had all kinds of wounds and needed special treatment just to survive with all the abuse she has been through.


In 1996 there were over a thousand of these dancing bears just in India alone. These two organizations did a big job in helping to eliminate this practice and now it is a dying business. Sloth bears are still being killed for various reasons like for use in Chinese medicine.


Holly the bear is now happy to live in a caring home at the Wildlife SOS Agra Bear Rescue Facility. She is the oldest bear there at twenty-seven years and she has many physical conditions including weak joints and not being able to see very good.


Holly is a survivor from a life of torment and she is lucky to have a caring trainer that helps her. The trainer will stay and make sure that she finishes her meal. With help from caring trainers and organizations like Wildlife SOS these dancing bears are living the life they deserve.

IAR and Wildlife SOS play a big role in these wonderful animals lives. Please help by donating to these organizations to keep this kind of horrific thing from happening.


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