His Owner Ordered Him To Get In The Kennel; The German Shepherd Dog’s Reaction Was Priceless


Most dogs learn to cooperate when their owner gives them a command. There are those however that insist on getting things on their own terms. Kenneling a dog can be a chore at first. Overtime the daunting endeavor does get easier. But what is a stubborn canine willing to do in order to avoid the dreaded kennel?

This headstrong German Shepard has been honing its acting skills and is not going down without a dramatic fight. Feigning a paw injury, he proceeds to exploit the classic act of begging. Many dog owners fall victim to this classic method of giving in to their pet’s will. Thinking he’s too adorable to be dethroned from the couch, his owner isn’t falling for the playful antics.
When another command is ordered, the German Shepard refuses to obey. Defiant through and through, he initiates another common game that he hopes will distract his owner. He hides under the couch cushions in a comical rendition of hide and seek. Unfortunately for him, his body is too large to hide beneath a cushion.

When this fails, he immediately relies on the act of begging and hopes that a second attempt will win the battle of the couch. To no avail, his owner continues insisting that he stops being disobedience. Begging will only get you so far in life but his resolve to remain seated is greater than the strength of steal.

He will come out victorious. He will remain on top.

Flash back in time and remember the cartoon show Scooby Doo. When asked to go into a frightening area the animated canine would absolutely refuse. The team could try urging him forward verbally but at the end of the day he simply wouldn’t move. What were they to do? They would give him the needed courage by first giving him a Scooby Snack.

What’s true in cartoons can sometimes be true in life. When the German Shepard’s owner begins enticing him with a delicious treat, the tides have turned and his defiance is weakened. What dog doesn’t respond to being offered a treat in return for compliance? Only then does he give up and begin listening to his owner.
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This video is amazing and every animal lover should watch it, share it and enjoy it. The dog will presumably be sitting atop the couch tomorrow until presented with another tasty treat. You can’t kennel a dog’s resourcefulness.

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