He’s On A Bicycle In The Middle Of Nowhere When He Looks Down And Sees THIS


In the course of any given day we are all faced with things we’d rather not think about. Obstacles come up, sometimes out of nowhere, that keep us from doing what we want. We need to make split decisions about things, sometimes without having any time at all to process what we are doing, and how it might alter what comes next. There just isn’t enough time to ponder every little decision we make. Sometimes we just need to act.

Pet lovers out there know that pet ownership is something that should be taken more seriously. When money is tight or circumstances change people sometimes decide to abandon their pets. It’s heartbreaking. We might know people who have done it, or read about this happening, and we all know that there are so many dogs and cats out there that need good homes.

For anyone deciding to bring a new cat or dog into their life, stop and think about what might happen down the road that could change your living situation. Pets bring so much joy, but they are also a commitment! Who out there doesn’t smile when they see kittens and puppies? They touch our hearts.

For all of the dog lovers out there, check this out. Somebody left a puppy in a cardboard box on the side of a road and said goodbye to the little guy. We don’t know why, or what happened to the puppy’s owner, but then a guy out riding his bicycle saw the puppy, stopped immediately, and, well, it’s great to see what happens next.

We don’t always know what happened or what might have changed in somebody’s life that forced them to abandon their pet. These are the unknowable circumstances that fill shelters with dogs and cats that at one time had homes. Short of taking in every dog and cat we see up for adoption, what can we do about it?

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The answer: we open our hearts. Maybe we donate, or volunteer. We can even let our coworkers, friends, and families know how we feel: It’s never okay to abandon your pet and leave them out there all alone to fend for themselves. We spread the word! And for this adorable little puppy somebody left in a cardboard box on the side of the road? He deserves to be going somewhere good.

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