He’s Bullied By His Classmates, But When He Says THIS To Them, I’m Destroyed


Pritchard possesses a unique ability to connect with students by making them laugh. He puts them at ease, which allows him to capture their attention and gives him the opportunity to shed light on a difficult topic. Most children are reticent to admit that they are being bullied, but with Pritchard’s help, they develop the confidence to stand up in the middle of class and speak freely.

The child in this video is a prime example of Prichard’s powers at work. Thanks to the encouragement he received from the helpful counselor, he now possesses the inner strength to stand up and address the entire class about his experiences with being bullied. Pritchard is a strong advocate for teaching children about the power of their emotions and the best way to harness them.

The work he was able to do with this young man could be his most powerful yet. By relating to the children through pop culture touchstones such as Britney Spears and the Grand Theft Auto video game franchise, he is able to communicate with them in a language that they understand.

It takes an amazing amount of courage for a person, especially a young person, to admit that they have been the victim of bullying. Even adults who have put their negative bullying experiences in the rear view struggle to talk about it. The young man in this video should not only touch your heart, but also make you realize that bullying is a serious issue.

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