Hero Dog Gives Life To Save Family From Knife Attack


Most people think that pit bulls are incredibly dangerous and shouldn’t deserve a place in our society, as they sometimes attack people. They are extremely powerful dogs that can actually kill if they need to, so people are really scared of them.

Some people, however, do know that they shouldn’t be scared of them unless they did something wrong. Lisa Potts isn’t scared of them, she I thankful they existed, and even more thankful she had one by her side when things got complicated at her house.

Potts came home to find her ex-boyfriend inside of her home one day, and she wasn’t happy about that – neither was he. The man, Walter Williams, was very aggressive and started hitting Potts with everything he had. As if that wasn’t enough, he decided he didn’t want Potts to live anymore, so he grabbed a knife and went for it.

Seeing this, the pit bull Lisa had, Lucy, decided she needed to do something about the aggressor and sprang into action. Lucy quickly jumped the aggressor and started biting him directly in the neck. If Williams was going to kill her family, she wasn’t going to play around.

Unfortunately, Williams had a knife and managed to stab Lucy three times in the struggle. Lucy wasn’t alone, and Potts’ sons decided to jump him while Lucy was battling him as well. All together, they managed to capture the man, throw him to the ground and secure him until police arrived.

Even though they won and survived, Lucy wasn’t so lucky. She was stabbed and as soon as Potts saw it, she decided to try to apply pressure to her wounds in an attempt to save her life. As she was applying pressure she was calling Lucy so she wouldn’t fade away – she did everything she could.

Lucy ended up not being able to make it and died of cardiac arrest the next day. According to her family, she was a true fighter and a hero for saving them all. If Lucy wasn’t there to do something, Williams would have probably been able to stab the whole family to death and get away with it.

But since she was there, Williams got arrested and the whole family managed to survive. Lucy saved three lives and brought justice to an evil man – her mission on Earth was accomplished.

Click here to help pay for Lucy’s veterinary and funeral expenses, or click here to learn more about animal cruelty and domestic violence.

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