Here Are 11 Dogs Who Have Lost All Respect For Your Personal Space.


Dogs are considered to be a little silly. In fact they are a little bit silly, but it is all because of love. Here you will see that sometimes, or most of the time, dogs have no idea what Personal Space is. If they feel like cuddling, and snuggling with you all day long, they’ll just do it, and that the end of the story. They have no sense of privacy, or time alone, or personal space whatsoever.

In a way they look really cute, while trying to be with their loved ones 24/7 because their loved ones are all these creatures have. Their whole life revolves around their humans, so there is no way for dogs not being with their owners. Do you have a dog? How does your pooch reacts in different situations? Do they tend to be with you the whole time, or they want some personal space for themselves? Take a look at this post and tell mw if your dogs act, or do the sea things as these sill pups.

1- “My Dad Kept Griping “I Don’t Want A Dog!” This Is How I Find Them Napping.”

on his face

2- “Yes I will sit in your face because I like the view from here!”face mask

3- “I am just gonna do it. Don’t care what the others think.”

no sense at all

4- “My dog thinks is cool to sit on me like this every time I lay down to watch some TV.”not sitting

5- “Whatever, I am just gonna do it cat. If you don’t like it then please feel free to leave anytime you want.” sitting here

6- “Our friends Malamute thinks is still OK for him to sit in our laps. Looks like someone has no idea what a lap dog really looks like.”
sitting here1

7- If you try to do something that doesn’t evolve your pooch, then this is what happens. sitting here2

8- “She Was Yelling “Auntie He’s Squishing Me!”. I Look Back To Find Him Completely Content.”squshing

9- “When you say personal space, what do you exactly mean by that?” what are you doing

10- This is how they like to nap! what?

11- Do you see any human in this picture? where are you

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