Here Are 19 Reasons Why Rottweilers Are The Most Dangerous Pets. The Last One Is Scary.


Rottweiler have gotten a bad rap about being viscous, uncontrollable, and dangerous. Like any large dog, you need to have the space for a Rottweiler and you need to have the dog trained. These Pictures obviously was designed by a person that knows and loves Rottweiler. The photos dispel some of the common misconceptions about the dogs. Some of the pictures are just cute and some are really funny.

1. Rottweiler are beasts. Yes, this sleepy little puppy held in the arms of a woman sure looks like a threat to humanity.
2. Rottweiler are freeloaders. A Rottweiler puppy is packaged in a puppy carrier on its mother’s back. Really cute little dog.
3. Rottweiler cannot stop smiling. The dog has its mouth open. Maybe it’s a smile. Looks like a smile. That smile could be a pretense.
4. Rottweiler have to be carried. This is a hilarious photo of a normal sized man carrying a gigantic dog. The dog extends way past the guy’s head and his paws are over the man’s shoulders. Might be that the dog could walk.
5. Rottweiler sleep in weird positions. The dog is sound asleep on its back with all four paws in the air. Most dogs sleep like this..
6. Rottweiler follow you everywhere. This is a really darling picture of a very small boy and a giant Rottweiler sitting on a concrete fence. The dog dwarfs the kid and is looking at the little boy like he is the best thing in the world.

7. Rottweiler cannot get along with cats. A cute photo of a giant dog and average sized cat sleeping together in the dog’s bed. Obviously the dogs cannot abide cats.
8. Rottweiler steal clothing. A Rottweiler puppy has absconded with a lady’s hat. A cute little dog in a hat. Obviously a born bandit.
9. Rottweiler make strange faces. The dog has one eye open and just woke up. The little brown patches above the eyes almost look like an extra set of eyes.

10. Rottweiler eat everything. An obviously innocent dog has been framed by a devious owner. The written sign is a dead giveaway.
11. Rottweiler bring home too many presents. A big dog has decided to bring a tree home for its owner. How lovely.
12. Rottweiler will destroy your shoes. A smaller than a shoe Rottweiler puppy is caught next to a running shoe. The sleepy eyes on the dog just tell you he has devious intentions toward that shoe.

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