Her Mother Died Of Cancer. The Song She Sings At Her Funeral Will Make You CRY!


There is no more beautiful sound than that of a child offering her voice up to God in praise, and there is no more beautiful song than Amazing Grace. To hear the song is to feel those good goose bumps that make your heart rise with pleasure, and hearing Rhema Marvanne sing the song simply adds to that feeling.
Rhema is from Plano, Texas, where she attends church. She is a singer and actress who began her career at the age of 7. Her inspiration—well expressed in Amazing Grace—comes from her mother Wendi, who died of cancer at age 36.

In the video, she is clad in a long white dress, which tends to make her appear to be a tiny angel. She arrives at the church in a 1950s model automobile. She steps out and strolls into the church where she begins to sing Amazing Grace. The video shifts from one scene to another, reportedly following Rhema’s memories of places she and her mother enjoyed together.

She has the singing voice of a much older child, and her musical abilities are well-honed for such a young girl. Her voice is clear and never falters. You cannot help but be touched by her singing and placing flowers on the grave. It’s unclear if it is her mother’s graves, but it is very poignant.

The video ends with Rhema leaving the church and getting back into the car. Her face and many of her expressions simply warm the heart. What a beautiful child and what a tragic thing she has had to overcome. But then again, Rhema is a fighter. She was born—September of 2002—weighing just 4-pounds and 11-ounces and it was several weeks before she could leave the hospital and join her parents at home. It would appear that the little girl has always been premature on the scene. It’s a rare thing to see a child with her vocal and acting abilities.

She won a part in “Machine Gun Preacher” with Gerry Butler in 2011, and has appeared on numerous news stations. One such appearance was on 20/20—an ABC production. She has also appeared alongside Maury Povich, and has more recently recorded The Prayer with the Nashville Symphony and singer Terry White.

Rhema has several videos online, and pieces written up to chronical her life on several well-known sites. The future looks very secure for the little toot with the big pipes and the smile of an angel. Enjoy the video and get out the tissues, because the video is sure to make your heart sing and your eyes weep for the little girl, whom we will all hear much more about in the future of music and film.

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