Her Dying Wish Was To See Her Best Friend One Last Time To Say Goodbye


Naturally, courtesy demands that respect should be accorded to the final, dying wishes of people. Contrary to the way it is been perceived, life on earth is an opportunity but before the final call comes and we are sent packing, many people would want to make a final decision that will serve as a lasting, positive impression here on this earth.


In most cases, the final action of a dying person usually comes with a plea. When people lay dying on their death beds, they often come up with a yearning desire to do something – although not everyone is given the opportunity to make a wish on a dying bed – yet still, there are some who are lucky to find it.


No one plays with the wishes of a dying person. It is believed that if their wishes were granted, they would find the peace they need to leave this world. This story evolves around a grandmother who laid on her death bed and desired to say her final goodbyes to her friends and every member of the family. This grandmother was so generous enough to let everyone share in her parting moments even her best friend.


Oliver is grandma’s best friend. He is a cat that grew under her love, care and nature right from when he was a kitten. Often times, when people die, they usually fail to remember their pet friends, they only try to think about their human buddies. To them, animals that do not know what life is all about would hardly know the significance of death but not for Oliver the Cat.

The hospital was kind enough to let the cat come in to see his dying best friend. Obviously, it was as if the cat was aware of grandma’s exit and was so quiet and still to see his best friend half alive. If must have known that this might be the last time he would set eyes on her again.


Definitely, it is hard to say goodbye in such a scenario for even a cat. Words cannot explain the look on the faces of both friends. No doubt, Oliver was about to miss his mom forever. Although grandmother was happy to see her best friend one last time, Oliver obviously regrets losing his mom.

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