Her Baby Is Asleep. Now Watch What The Puppy Does… Oh My GOD!


You must have probably heard these common statements – Dogs are man’s best friend, Dogs love men and Dogs can’t do without men. But I bet you never might have heard about – Pups love babies. Well you’ll get to know more about this as you read on. So let’s begin, recently a heart touching and sensational video went viral. You won’t hide your feelings of compassion and love when you watch it. In the video, a delightful baby lays peacefully asleep, but she was not left alone. Her puppy brother could no longer keep up with the watch over her. Down into the house of this perky creature you will be able to find an irresistible feeling of love and concern it shares with its human family especially with its baby sister. Thanks to mom, who let the cameras do their job and lets you have a glance too.

The heartwarming scenario that ensued calls for one of the cutest moments ever between babes and pups. You’ll wish that both can stay to grow old together as though they were meant for each other. You’ll hope dad and mum will understand.

You must have watched several videos of profound likeness that exist between dogs and babies and how fortunate babies can be to grow up with such enduring, loving and caring canines. If they don’t serve as play mate, they will do the job of a guardian or a perfect babysitter. However the attribute displayed by this cute puppy in this video is more of a rare brotherly care and concern that is often not common amongst human siblings.

As time passes by, this awesome puppy is unable to keep up with the duty of watching over his human baby being obviously overwhelmed with sleep. They duo must have been playing together before one of them (the baby) was take n away with sleep while the other (the puppy) is left alone. To this effect, it became obvious that he was patiently and diligently waiting to see her wake from her sleep before it itself caught up with.

As you full know that no one can cheat nature when it comes calling – not even animals. It so happened that the patient lonely dog could no longer withstand the pressure from sleep and was caught dozing off. From the noise heard in the background, the dog was definitely not alone with the baby in the house; there were about two or more other human-family members talking and walking around the house, but this delightful creature chose to spend its time with the sleeping child. Well, they say sleep is contagious, you can guess what happened next.

The adorable puppy dog fought so hard to keep up with sleep; he could be seen adjusting himself from dozing off and even tries to walk around a little. But when he could not beat it, he joined in. See how the baby goes gently down on his baby sister in sleep and never rose up again to keep watch but napped his way through with his human buddy.

Oh, what a bond! What a lovely sight to behold.

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