His Head Was Stuck In A Plastic Jar And He Could Barely Breathe. They Got To Him Just In Time!


Seeing a dog that has managed to wedge its head into a jar could seem hilarious. After all, we’ve all had pets that have found themselves in some sticky situations. But what happens when the animal is a stray and there is no one there to help them? Things could get dire very quickly, as you will see in this video.

The good people at India’s Animal Aid have made a habit out of rescuing animals who are in need over the past few years and fortunately for the dog in this clip, they were called to the scene before he eventually ran out of air.
A good Samaritan saw the stray dog with the jar over its head and instead of doing what a lot of people would have done in that scenario (pulled out her phone and started recording), she used her mobile device to contact Animal Aid. If not for her, it is a shame to think about what would have happened to this poor pooch.

Try as he might, the dog was unable to free himself from the jar and time was beginning to run out. Can you imagine how scared he must have been with a jar stuck on his head, his air supply dwindling lower and lower by the second? We would not wish this fate on our worst enemy, let alone an adorable dog like this one.

After they arrived on the scene, the Animal Aid workers and the concerned citizen set off to look for the struggling pup. At long last, they came across the dog in a wooded area. Once they were able to locate him, they got the animal to lay down and set about the task of freeing him from his makeshift prison.

His entire head was wedged inside, so they had no chance of simply pulling the jar off in one motion, they were going to have to use a cutting tool to save the animal’s life. Scissors were used, so that the dog had the ability to get some fresh air and he was certainly grateful to his rescuers for helping him to breathe again.
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It is incredibly doubtful that he would have been able to survive without the help of Animal Aid. Please share this amazing story with your closest friends and family, so that we can continue to spread awareness about the increasing importance of animal rescue.

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