He Wouldn’t Let Anyone Near Him. When They Finally Caught Him? Amazing!


He was lonely, old, hungry and living all by himself in a scary place. But this story has a happy ending. Hope For Paws, an animal rescue group based in Los Angeles, received a call from a worker at a water treatment facility, to tell them about a homeless dog seen there. Eldad Hagar, founder of the group, and a volunteer rushed out to the location where the dog was seen, but it wasn’t an easy task to bring him back to the shelter.

For one thing, he was frightened and mistrustful, having being abandoned or lost. He wouldn’t let them get close enough to put a leash on him. And his rescuers had to make sure he didn’t get too close to the open tanks all around the facility, where the dangerous chemicals for water treatment are stored. If the dog had fallen in accidentally, there was no chance of rescue.

Even tossing him pieces of delicious cheeseburger didn’t help in the beginning. But Hagar and the volunteer wouldn’t give up, and gradually the dog came to realize that these humans were trying to help, not hurt, him and he allowed them to handle him. Clearly, he had been abandoned by his people, and that amounted for his initial fear and mistrust of humans. The rescuers talked to him in calm, gentle voices the whole time, and it was probably this, more than the cheeseburger, that won his trust.

Close up, he quickly understood that his rescuers were his friends, and rode back to the shelter in the cab of the truck. At the shelter, he was given a bath – which he enjoyed – to clean the grime and dirt from his fur. He was also treated for an ear infection, vaccinated – which he did not enjoy – and given deworming medicine.

Once in a secure and safe environment, he allowed his true and loving nature to take over. Named Mufasa, he cleaned up nicely and thanked his caregivers with hugs, tail wags and licks. The senior dog’s wild, scruffy, desperate look has been replaced by a gentle, calm demeanor.

Mufasa is now ready for his forever home. His age is estimated to be around ten years. Older dogs and cats are sometimes passed over for adoptions, but they make the most loving and intelligent pets. Hope for Paws posted a video of the rescue on YouTube, which has gone viral.

Mufasa and other seniors dogs at the shelter are cared for through a special project called Lionel’s Legacy, which rescues and finds homes for older dogs. Mufasa and his rescuers are happy that he was given a second chance. If you would like to find out more about Hope for Paws, you can visit their website here Hope for paw

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