He Was Told He Had 5 Years To Live. But Then He Got A Dog…


The following video story is about a man named Eric. Eric was obese and sick. He was depressed and lonely. Eric had so many illnesses that he took over $1000 worth of prescription drugs every month. The doctors finally told him, they had done all they could. If he continued on the path he was on, he could expect death within five years. Lonely and withdrawn and tired of being sick, he accepted his fate.

One day he was sent on a business trip which he had to travel to by plane. The small seats on the plane were inadequate to support his massive frame. He spilled over on each side. If that was not bad enough, his seatbelt would not fasten. The plane had to be delayed for take off because there was no a seatbelt extender onboard. Feeling the frustration of the other passengers and just wishing he could disappear he sat mortified. The man sitting next to him looked at him in disgust. He declared “I am going to miss my connection because YOU are too fat!” Eric was at his lowest point at that moment. That was the moment he decided to fight back.

When Eric returned from his trip, he went to the phone book and called a nutritionist in his area. Her first instruction to Eric was to go to a shelter and adopt a dog! This would force him to leave his home more and force him to interact. Not fully understanding, he went to a shelter and told the attendant that he wanted a middle-aged overweight dog so they would have something in common. This is when Eric met Peety.

Peety was exactly what Eric asked for. He was a middle-aged and overweight dog who had been abandoned. He had an impressive list of illnesses and the two were both just about to give up. But there is something about a dog. No matter what his condition, and no matter what his new owners condition; Peety would be 100% loyal and loving.

Because of Peety, Eric had to get outside every day. They began with a 30 minute walk. The nutritionist helped Eric understand how to eat and what various foods do in the body. Soon Eric’s energy level began to increase.

Peety was always willing to help Eric, and an amazing thing happened, Eric and Peety began losing weight. As the weight came off and the proper diet and exercise kicked in, one by one Eric was able to come off his medications. He began to heal.

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Peety did not recover though. The day came when Peety left this world with Eric’s loving arms around him. Eric would go on to adopt another dog. But Peety will always be his hero.

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