He Was So Cold, He Took Turns Keeping 1 Paw Off The Ground. But You Need To See The Rest.


Dogs have a fur to protect them from cold, and even with this fur, they may need to be kept warm. Some dogs have been abandoned outside in the freezing cold and some have passed away, but a few remain and one of such a survivor is Diesel. Diesel was outside in the cold of about – 40 degrees and had to take turns keeping his paws off the ground because it was too cold.

This poor dog was chained for a period of four years under all the harsh seasons. Before the Animal Advocates found Diesel, he had been kicked in his face by a horse and most of his teeth were broken in this accident. Diesel was also injured on his shoulder from a fight with another dog and his owner was tired of him and threatened to shoot him as was as was the norm in the area. Diesel was determined to stay alive and not many like him survived the harsh weather conditions.
When it seemed like all hope was lost, Animal Advocates came to Diesel’s rescue and he was taken away on a plane and was neutered and also had a benign tumor removed. Diesel also had an x-ray on his jaw and was back to being a happy dog once more. The large dog loves to be play with and so he lies on his side so that his care giver can give him a belly rub and play with his ears.

Diesel is a well behaved mutt but he needed to be properly trained as he was not trained as a puppy to obey instructions and do other small things. He was sent to a rehabilitation camp and he instantly made some new friends, one in particular was called Romeo. Romeo was found in a shelter and has been there for months but nobody wanted to take him in. He helped Diesel to get accustomed to the camp and even though Diesel becomes exhausted easily as he is not used to so much play.

Diesel is to spend a short time in the rehabilitation home and when he is ready to be adopted, he will be given a good home where he can be monitored. He has survived a traumatic experience and will require a lot of love and care for him to recover fully.
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However, Diesel is not the only dog who was neglected on the cold. Other dogs such as sailor and Hunter have been kept in the same terrible condition and their owners have refused to sell them and would rather keep them chained in the cold. These brave dogs will be free someday and will experience love and care from their new owners.

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