He Was Shocked When The Whale Approached – And You Won’t Believe Why


Life out at sea isn’t always as it seems and the man in this video found this out during one fateful excursion out onto the water. After experiencing something this vivid and unforgettable, he could not help but to share his story with the world.

One of the first things he says is that it seems as if it happened just a few minutes ago and once you are able to get a sense for what he is talking about, this experience will remain with you forever, as well.

This man was on a boat one day, when he was approached in a most peculiar manner by a whale was not looking to attack, but a whale who was in desperate need of help. He had become entangled in some nets that had been left behind by careless fishermen who had taken to the sea in search of crab.

He knew that the whale was looking directly at him and he felt compelled to provide the tangled creature with all of the help that he could. From there, he decided to swim to the whale, in order to learn more about what exactly what was wrong and how he could help. By putting his hand up, he could see that the whale’s eye was following him, sending a silent plea for help.

The whale could tell that the man was there to set him free from his makeshift prison and knew that he was not going to be harmed in any way. The ropes that the whale has become entangled in were digging into his blubber, at least two to three inches deep. To see an animal this large in that much pain is an indelible experience, one that no one could soon forget.

Before starting to cut into the ropes to free the whale, the man was careful to let his newfound friend know that the process of freeing him would be a bit painful to him. The care and concern that the man in this clip displays for a creature that most of us would never stop to consider is inspirational.

While most would be afraid of the whale, this clip is proof that even the largest creatures can display appreciation to those who help them out of a difficult situation. Even the strongest among us can use a helping hand every so often and this man was happy to provide it.

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