He Was Rescued From a Puppy Mill. When You See Him Now? You Won’t Recognize Him!


This video tells the story of Mikhail. The poodle was rescued from a puppy mill. You can hardly tell the dog is a poodle until all the excess hair and filth have been removed from him. The video is also the story of a woman named Melita Yearwood that has the heart to adopt a dog and teach the dog that humans can love it.

The conditions that Mikhail lived in for all of his young life are deplorable and despicable. Imagine that the only home you ever knew was a dilapidated dog house in a wire cage filled with dog poop. Your only companions you have and the only love you ever experienced was from your fellow prisoners.
Ms. Yearwood saw Mikhail in a Humane Society video and determined to adopt the little dog and teach him that real humans really do love and care for dogs. You must take a look at the additional videos that show the extent of the cruelty and dangerous conditions that puppy mills are allowed to operate with. Many puppy mill dogs that grow too old to be sold are killed, allowed to starve to death, or die from diseases.

Ms. Yearwood is an experienced dog owner. She welcomed Mikhail into her home that had another dog. The lady took the time that was needed to accustom Mikhail to a greatly improved standard of living. More importantly, she showed the dog love and kindness.

The transformation of Mikhail is outstanding and nearly unbelievable. The little poodle goes from a cringing scruffy mess to a bounding happy little dog that gets all the love and attention he needs. Ms. Yearwood claims her dogs as children. The idea is that animals need the care and kindness that children do.

You need to share this video for two reasons. If enough people see what puppy mills really do to dogs then the industry will die. Rescued dogs need good homes. The video should inspire people to look at puppy mill dog adoption from their local Humane Society.
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Send this video to anyone you know that is considering getting a puppy. Adoption is the only hope that dogs raised in puppy mills have of living and being loved. The adoption of a puppy mill dog may take a bit more attention and care that other dogs but the reward is unconditional love from an animal that has never known any love at all. You cannot buy that.

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