He Was Playing In The Bouncy House When He Started Getting Unusual Sores. What Doctors Tell Mom Is Alarming…


If you have ever been to a child’s birthday party, then you already know about the popularity of the bouncy castle. It simply isn’t a party unless you have a bouncy castle! The bouncy castle serves two different purposes. For starters, it allows the children to enjoy one of their favorite activities and gives them an opportunity to tire themselves out. Which leads directly into the second purpose: it gives parents the chance to talk among each other and catch up, without dealing with the attendant needs and wants of the children.

Parents are not often presented with free afternoons to get together and talk with each other. They trust the companies that put together these bouncy castles implicitly and they believe that these party attractions are maintained to the best of the ability of those who are renting them out to happy families.

Perhaps it is time for parents to reevaluate their trusting policies and wonder more about what could possibly be lurking inside of these seemingly safe toys. Brenda Sanderson, a mother of two sons, took her boys to a graduation party one weekend. Not only did the party have plenty of friends and family to converse with, but there was also a bouncy castle set up for the children to enjoy.

Her children had a great time running, jumping and wrestling their sugar rush away. All was well until two days after the party, when Brenda noticed unusual markings on her son’s body. When she questioned her 10 year old boy about where the markings had come from, he seemed unconcerned, attributing them to the plastic on the castle.

The little boy thought he had simply been burned, but something far more sinister had taken place. A few more days passed and Brenda became even more worried, as she noticed that the markings were now beginning to spread all across her son’s body.

The discovery that the doctors made upon examining her son were very startling and should shake every mother to her core. Her little boy had contracted a staph infection from playing inside of the bouncy castle and this is not as uncommon as you may believe.

The rubber that is used to create a bouncy castle is very similar to the rubber that is used for wrestling mats. It is crucially important to the safety and welfare of children everywhere that these bouncy castles are properly maintained and cleaned, so that infections are not transmitted unintentionally.

Bouncy castles are typically inspected by the state, but they should be double checked at all times, to ensure their cleanliness. Any child with an open cut should operate with caution inside of a bouncy castle, as this is the easiest way for an infection to be transmitted. Please take the time to share this story with other parents.


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