He Was On A Night Dive When He Spotted Something In The Dark… But Watch When He Gets Closer!


A wild bottlenose dolphin who was tangled in a fishing line swam up to a diver in Hawaii and waited while the diver cut the line. When a dolphin needed some help off the coast of Hawaii, it was determined to inform a scuba instructor.

Keller Laros led a group of divers on a short tour of the waters in Hawaii. He often goes for his dives with professional videographers. When Laros, and the rest of the group started their dive that day, nothing seemed abnormal.

The bottlenose dolphin swam around Laros, the divers, and the manta rays which were the original reason for the dive that day. What shocked Laros immediately about that dolphin was that it was all alone. They had seen five of the species at the site previously, but they have never seen a single one without a family. The dolphins are very social and intelligent animals and rarely swim alone, so this a sign that something was terribly wrong with the dolphin.

Laros, who had done more than 10,000 dives, immediately recognized that something was wrong, and when the dolphin came around him again. Laros observed a fishing line hooked to the dolphins fin.

As the camerawoman’s underwater video rolled, the diver gestured with his hand, hoping that the dolphin would come closer. It worked, and the dolphin came close to him, and he placed his hands on the animal trying to have a closer look at the line on the fin. He was able to see the fishing hook from his left pectoral fin and the fishing line came out of its mouth and went down to his left pectoral fin.

Laros tried and was able to take out the hook from dolphin’s pectoral fin, but he still needed to get him disentangled from the fishing line. The dolphin quietly floated a few inches in front of Laros, and he took out his dive tools which he has in his suit, and which includes a pair of scissors.

Laros was able to cut the line off of the dolphin’s mouth and pectoral fin, but there was a little line left. The dolphin moved up for a breath of air and then came back down.
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This time, Laros and another diver removed as much line as they could from under the fin. In the end, the dolphin thanked them, and they never saw it again.

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