He Was Left In The Store Parking Lot With A Bag Of Dog Food


One fateful night, Jason Diggs returned downstairs after tucking in his child, only to find that his dog had vanished. After this horrific event took place, Jason found a disturbing post on Facebook that showed an image of his dog that he would have rather not seen.

Tyson the pitbull was photographed outside of a local dollar store. His only companions were a short leash and a bag of dog food. Until Jason saw that post, he had no idea of where to look for his dog. Luckily, he recognized the part of town where the picture was taken and was able to figure out the culprit.

Jason knew that his in laws never liked Tyson and he realized that they had stolen his pet away. Not only did they decide to steal him, but they abandoned him, as well. Unfortunately, Tyson remains missing. Jason canvassed the neighborhood where Tyson was last seen, asking residents if they had any information on the whereabouts of his dog.

The hunt for Tyson is now nationwide. He broke free of his rope and refused to move, waiting for Jason to return. Eventually, he vanished, along with his bag of food. No one knows if a good Samaritan came along and provided Tyson with a home or whether he is still roaming the streets in search of his owner.

Bakersfield Pitty Rescue Crew is responsible for tracking down lost dogs in the area and they have reported no sightings of Tyson. Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue says that while they typically receive up to 60 calls every time a dog goes missing, they have yet to hear anything about Tyson.

Rapid Response Team to Animals was called in to investigate and they believe that one of two things happened: Tyson was either rescued after being placed in a shelter or he has put down after being hit by a car. This story is a terrible testament to just how disposable pets can be in modern America.

Every media sleuth in America is dedicating themselves to the cause of finding Tyson. Melissa Di Stefano, a Montreal resident, has been calling a variety of agencies in the state of California, looking for information about Tyson. She pledges to continue trying to find him and is has not taken one second off since the search began.

This is a great development and we can only hope that this sad story is one that has a happy ending.


People suck. Someone left thus big ol baby at the 99 cents store parking lot! They tied it with a rope to a pole. It…

Posted by Chris Tina Cecil onĀ Friday, December 11, 2015

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