He Was Dyed Purple & Thrown To Fighting Dogs, But It Was Not The End For This Baby.


Incidents of animal abuse are an everyday affair and it is disheartening to hear about one but what happened to this little kitty is beyond imagination and human reasoning. The San Jose animal shelter found a tiny kitten on their doorsteps one day terribly abused, beaten, and dyed purple to the shock and dismay of everyone. The two month old kitten looked ghastly and was in need of immediate medical treatment.


The shelter house took the kitten inside but could not euthanize as the condition was too bad and instead they took the kitty to Nine Lives Foundation for immediate treatment. The body of the young kitten was covered in scars and suffered deep bite marks. Monica Rudiger, the veterinarian declared after seeing the wounds that Smurf was used as a bait to train dogs to fight.


How can a human with heart be so cruel? I can’t get over it ever since I read the photo story and watched the small video clip of the kitty who is now luckily in recovery and under safe hands. Just imagine the pain and fear the kitten must have gone through. It must have felt like an eternity of going through hell for no fault of his.


Issues like these should be brought to light and the guilty be punished. I decided to share this story and video as I want to spread awareness among people about the kind of heinous animal abuses that are taking place without the knowledge of many. People should raise their voice against such crimes done to harmless and helpless animals. Of course there are organizations, rescue teams and societies and shelter houses are doing a great job but it is the concern of the public too, to raise their voice when they come across such unthoughtful actions of fellow humans.


Lucky for Smurf, expert treatment given at the right time saved his life but there are many who lose their lives everyday battling for it unattended and unnoticed. I am happy that the poor kitten has found a new home where he will never be abused again and I wish him a speedy recovery. Thanks to the smart move of San Jose animal shelter.


I encourage you to read the photo story and watch the video and share it in social networking sites for awareness. I emphasize, crimes like this should be brought to light and people should raise their voices against it.


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