He Was So BADLY HURT That Nobody Could Adopt Him. When He Eats His First Warm Meal? My Heart’s…


Thousands of pets are abandoned annually for a variety of reasons; the most prevalent of them is injury. When a pet is injured, it could cost a lot to care for them and to look after them. Some dog owners do not have the patience to do this, and they believe throwing the pet away is a better idea. This practice has been done for a few years, and the trend continues. Thankfully, some organizations aim to cater for these animals and give them better lives and new homes.
One of such unfortunate creatures is the puppy, Rudy. Rudy is just one out of millions of puppies who find their way to animal shelters every year. However, this abused puppy had suffered so much unexplainable horror that he could not even be adopted out by members of the public. Rudy had endured severe beatings, ear and eye infection, and a broken hip. Rudy was in an utterly pitiful condition and had no semblance of hope in sight. He was also scheduled to be put down to save him from misery.

Miraculously, this pup was saved from an impending death with only a few hours to spare by a Houston street dogs, a local rescue group. Watching the frail puppy wag his tail as he eats his first warm and decent meal and experiences a little love is enough to invoke tears on any dog lover. But the long journey to peace and health for Rudy was far from over. For a few months, he underwent medications extensive treatment, and injections, to cure him of his multiple ailments.

With care and love, Rudy was transformed into a lovable puppy with a fine coat, a big smile and a tail which is ever ready to wag. After all this, one main problem remained, Rudy had to be given a total hip replacement if he can ever be a normal puppy again. His injured hip kept him in serious pain and stopped him from running, walking and playing as he would normally do.
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Houston Street Dogs began a fundraising campaign called YouCaring to raise the money for Rudy so he can get the operation and live a full life. The campaign has already surpassed the goal, and we sincerely hope to see Rudy playing soon and moving around without any hindrance or pain.

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