Jacksonville Toddler Stolen In Family Car


A Florida man leaves 5 year old and 21 month old alone in a car at 2 A.M. The car and one child are stolen. The story twists and turns and opinions fly. All the while, the baby is missing. The car is recovered. The baby is not. At face value, it seems to be a tragic run of events that come to a horrific end. But, as we dig deeper, is this logical? Do we know all the facts or is this story being manipulated to protect someone? You be the judge.

Jacksonville Florida, William Ebron is caring for the five year daughter of his girlfriend, Lonna Lauramore and her 21 month old son, Lonzie Barton. Ebron told police, he placed both children in the car and was preparing to pick up the children’s mother from work. He said she worked at a local restaurant and was getting off work at two in the morning. Once in the car, he realized he had forgotten something in the apartment. He said he left the children and the keys in the ignition and went to retrieve his item. The five year old became afraid and exited the car and followed him to the apartment where he said she alerted him to the problem. His car and the baby were stolen. The police, volunteers and K9 units have searched the area. Fifteen minutes after the police became involved, the abandoned car was located near-by but there was no sign of the child.

By today (Monday) the plot is changing a bit. The boyfriend is no longer cooperating with police. Perhaps he feels threatened, but now is not the time. Every moment that child is out there, his chances of being found safe diminish.

The story being put out today is that the 5 year old escaped and told Ebron what had happened. Originally, the story was that she followed Ebron claiming she was afraid of being left in the dark.

In any event, this was the middle of the night and what is being claimed is two children were left alone in a car with the keys in the car. In the seconds or “couple of minutes” Ebron claims to have been gone, someone just happened to spot the car and deduce that the keys were in it and they could take it. A five year old managed to figure out what was happening and escaped this person who was taking the car. A 21 month old in nothing but a diaper was in the car and the thief took it anyway. If he was an unlucky car thief in desperate need of a 1995 Honda, when he discovered the baby in the back, it would stand to reason that he would leave the car with the child in it, or leave the child. But instead the car is found just a few minutes away and there are no signs of the child. Of course there is the chance that the almost 2 year old had managed to get out of his car seat and the car and was wondering the streets of Jacksonville on his own, however one would think a baby in a diaper walking the streets at two in the morning, would have caught someone’s attention.

The child’s birth father has been located and is not a suspect. The final twist that makes this story not only more tragic but infuriating is the word darts being thrown at the mother who was at work. Many people have come forward to point out that she does not work in a restaurant but in a strip club. So what? Does anyone have the right to judge how she feeds her children? Besides there are many industries that require people to work until two in the morning, including Police station, Fire Departments, Emergency rooms and Senior citizen facilities. So if the mother of this child were a nurse getting off duty at two and her child was missing. Would that be any more of a horrific tragedy?

Community and authorities are looking for this child and we hope he is found safely soon.

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