He’s Trying To Shovel The Driveway, But Keep Your Eyes On The Dog. LOL!


Snow days are some of the greatest days in the life of any living thing on earth. If you are a child you would cherish snow days especially when school gets canceled. Anyone who happens to love snow will be very glad to have the winter season come by.

Even dogs are usually very excited when it comes to witnessing a snowy weather. Most homeowners consider snow days to be a time of hard labor as there is quite a lot of snow to shovel during this season. However, dogs have proven to be of great help in times like this. So, if your dog is anything like the dogs in this video, then you should be happy because you have found a “helping paw” for yourself who would ease you the task of shoveling snow.
But the real question here is why do dogs get so excited in snow? This is a question meant for experts especially in the wake of blizzard season and Polar Vortex. Like toddlers, many dogs love snow because it is simply fun to play with. No doubt, dogs do have the mind of a two-year-old child. This is just their play behavior; it cannot be changed.

But this time, we are not talking about snow-playing dogs but dogs that love working in snow. As much as they enjoy playing in snow, these dogs also enjoy working in snow. Even for humans, shoveling snow can be quite exhausting. It is not really a task that can be done so easily. But when there is someone willing to lend a helping hand, it comes with a great sigh of relieve.

This time, you do not get a helping hand from anybody but a helping paw from your dog. What an exciting moment! Surely the work will get faster with great enthusiasm. The dogs shown in this video are seen taking some initiative very gamely. Some are energetic enough to grab a shovel and assist in clearing off the snow from their humans’ walk lanes while others are seen having fun in the work. It makes sense though to see dogs so comfortable with snow.

If all dogs can be this industrious and helpful, then anyone living in a snowy place should have a dog.

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