He Thought The Deer Was Giving Up On Life. But Then This Happened…


A few days ago, a deer was knocked down by a car, and left on the roadside. Luckily, well-wishers saw her and protected her from predators before the Wildlife Aid personnel arrived at the scene. Deer are very susceptible to myopathy, a complex condition that is associated with the wrong handling. The condition causes a buildup of lactic acid in the body resulting in muscles paralyses.

The personnel had to work and hard in smart to protect the deer from this condition and ensure it gets emergency medical care fast. When the personnel arrive at the scene of the accident, the deer is already shaking and in a terrible condition that could result in death if they do not act quickly. The personnel carefully carry the wounded animal to the car and drive to a nearby facility.

At the medical facility, the three wounds she sustained from the injury are disinfected and switched up by a professional who has years of experience in this field. In addition, she is given a painkiller to suppress the pain. Unlike other facilities, this one has put in place working protocols that enable the personnel to offer emergency services and release animals back to their natural habit the same day.

Afterwards, she is rushed back to the exact point that she was found and released back to the woods. Unfortunately, the medications and the shock she got from the accident tend to take a toll on her, as she could not stand on her own. She manages to stand up, takes a few steps, but falls back on the ground. The personnel suspected that she was suffering from a headache due to the collision with the car. She needed more time to rest and regain back her focus and energy.

The team does not give up on her, and they keep motivating and trying to help her stand and walk on her own. After a lot of effort, she finally manages to stand and walk into the woods on her own.

Indeed, it is important that we live harmoniously with the wildlife especially when driving along this kind of roads.

This Christmas, make a bold decision to make a donation to assist and promote the well-being of wildlife. Share the video with friends to spread the word and support this noble initiative. Thank you.

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