He Thinks The Cat Wants In & Opens The Door. Wait Till You See What She REALLY Wants!


Cats are very intelligent creatures and they know just how to get the attention of their owners when they are ready to come back inside after a day spent frolicking in the great outdoors. As you can see at the start of this video, Nala the cat has just spent some quality time playing in the snow and is seemingly ready to come in.

While lots of cats would prefer to remain outside during the summer months and indoors during the chilly winter time, Nala is a different breed from the rest. She loves to play outside and when her owner finally heads to the door to let her in, he receives quite the rude awakening.
Nala keeps hopping up on the door, making sure that her furry little face is well within view. Her facial expression is hilarious and she seems to be imploring her owner with her eyes. As anyone who has ever had a cat knows, they do not like to be ignored under any possible circumstances. When a feline wants to be paid attention to, they want that attention yesterday!

She makes her way around the house to all of the windows and doors and her facial expression seems to have changed from jovial to worried. Maybe this poor cat is on the verge of freezing to death out there in the cold? Perhaps she’s experiencing some form of frostbite to her sensitive paws?

In reality, she is simply looking around for her owner. She clearly has something that she wants to let him know more about and the suspense is starting to build. What does Nala want and why is it so important that she get the attention of her owner right now?

When the owner finally arrives at the door to see what his fur child wants, he receives quite the surprise. She does not want to come in and she is not in any sort of danger. All Nala wants is for her owner to stop what he is doing, come outside and play with her. This adorable kitty is certainly having a great time outside and she simply requires a playmate. To see what happens next, be sure to watch this clip in its full entirety.
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