He Tells His 2-Year-Old To Say Happy Birthday To Mom. What He Ends Up Recording Is Even Better!


Celebrating birthday should be as personal as possible, especially when it is your friends and family. There are some really great birthday cards out there, but a personal touch is always the best. You can use photos, stickers, and so much more.
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After seeing this video, I now have more inspiration for all my birthday cards. This dad decided to be super thoughtful and record his two-year-old daughter giving mom some birthday wishes. Claire, the two-year-old, begins listing all of the reasons why she has the “greatest mommy”.

This is one of the cutest videos out there because she just continues to list all of the reasons, and there are many. She even talks about her mom being the best cook. Every mom loves to hear that they are a master chef when it comes to cooking up delicious meals for the family.

The video is supposed to be a super cheerful way of wishing mom and happy birthday. The two-year-old decides to go all little emotional. Your heartstrings are going to talk a little bit when you hear Claire confess that mom worked so hard and she misses her when she’s gone. If you are a mom, or any kind of parent, this is really going to be an emotional video for you.

There is no better way to hear happy birthday, than from a two-year-old. Claire really knows how to lay it on thick, and mom was likely brought to tears when she heard everything. The video is only a minute and a half long, and the little girl in pigtails will steal your heart by the end of the first minute.

The video starts out simply enough with a chair and the girl takes a seat. It’s not long before she’s getting up close to the video camera to drive her points home. She is very theatrical as she lists off the reasons, including “Number one, you are beautiful”! Oh my goodness! How can you not be affected by such a thing? This girl is so adorable, and it is so obvious that she has so much love for her mother.

I would have loved to see another video of the mother watching this video because her reaction had to have been priceless. While we always say kids say and do the cutest things, it’s always great when it’s caught on video. We are so thankful for this dad sharing this video because it is too precious not to share.

Watch this video again and again, and get inspired for ways to wish the loved ones in your life a happy birthday, as well as be amazed by the cuteness of this toddler. Then share it with your friends!

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