He Tells His Dog That He Ate All The Food. Turn Up The Volume, You Won’t Regret It!


This is the story of a man and his dog. Of course this is no ordinary dog it is a talking dog. The man and the dog have a conversation about food. The man is a bit of a tease and he seems to enjoy tricking and tormenting his dog. He is amused by the dog’s reactions to his taunts, and you will too (if you have any interest in animals at all).

The man takes his talkative friend through a litany of culinary torments. As the dog walks up looking somewhat famished the man decides to have some fun with the dog. He gets the dog’s attention by starting to talk about food. As he tells the dog he had been hungry and could not stop thinking about food, the walks up. The man is sitting and the hungry German Shepard is staring him in the face.

Knowing he has his dog’s attention the man tells the Shepard that he opened up the meat drawer in the refrigerator and the dog with great interest asks “What was in it?” The man incites the dog with a tale of super yummie maple flavored bacon, while he has his dog’s rapt attention he devastates the dog by telling the dog he ate all the bacon himself. The frustrated dog cries in frustration and shocked disbelief. How could his master be so inconsiderate? But worse was to come.

The bacon was not the only goody stored in the meat drawer – there was also some chicken. When the dog recovered his composure somewhat, the man provides a long tortuous monologue about what a yummie morsel the chicken and how he prepared and it was savory and delicious. It seemed so real to the poor dog he could see it and smell it in his imagination.

The man, being something of a cruel joker had not described a chicken treat he was about to give to the dog. “Do you know what I did with it?”, the mans asked his salivating four legged friend. Then to the dog’s horror he revealed that he had given it to the cat.
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To be denied the chicken after being denied the maple flavored bacon exacerbated the dog’s hunger but the humiliation of being denied the chicken meat so the cat, the miserable cat could eat it was unbearable. The video ends with the comic-anguish of the dog’s response. Even if you feel sorry for the dog’s you will have a hard time to keep from laughing as the dog responds to the final insult.

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