He Takes A Simple Pool Noodle And Turns It Into Something You’ll Use Every Day!


The flexibility and construction of a pool noodle makes it an effective hose. You can attach one end of the noodle to your faucet, whether it is in a sink or your outdoor faucet, and then bend the noodle to reach a bucket or other container that you wish to fill. This is very useful if you are trying to fill a receptacle that is too tall to fit under your faucet. If you live in a drafty house you will find that much of that cold air is coming from under your door. If you cut a pool noodle in half you can rest it under the edge of the door and it acts like weather stripping. The beauty of using a pool noodle is that it is easy to replace or remove, unlike weather stripping that uses adhesive to bond it to the surface of your door.

Door Stop

If you have a door that you do not wish to have closed but do not wish to remove the door, you can cut a bit of pool noodle and affix it to the edge of a door so that it becomes a stopper that keeps the door from closing all the way.

Child Safety

If you have children you know that there are things in your home that are designed for adults and sometimes for children that are not completely safe. If you have a child learning to walk they might use your coffee table or end table for support. Those edges are hard. Cut some pool noodles in half and secure them around the corners or edges of the table so when your baby wobbles they hit the cushion instead of the hard surface.

Kiddie pools have sharp edges. When a small child is trying to get out of the pool they will likely curl their fingers over the top edge of the pool. If you cut some pool noodles in half you can secure them around the sharp under edge of that ridge to protect tiny fingers from harm.

Trampolines and other devices may have springs or other pinching abilities. Cut a pool noodle to size, slit one edge and wrap the noodle around the spring to protect fingers and toes.

Games and Toys

A pool noodle can become a basketball hoop, a soccer goal, a fun sprinkler. Children like to throw things; maybe you would like to create a ring-toss game for your children. Using several pool noodles affixed in an arch in the ground your children can create a fort, or tunnels.

There is really no limit to the amount of things that can be done with a pool noodle that have nothing to do with a swimming pool. What do you need to do, create, or provide? Will a pool noodle do the trick? Economically speaking, they are inexpensive, too!

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