He Stops And Stares At The Dog, But It’s The Dog’s Reaction You’ll Want To See


It is easy to tell that the pup is waiting on someone when the video starts. The animal’s gaze is trained on something off in the distance, but we are not privy to what the dog is staring at. Once the dog finally sees the person they’ve been waiting for, the tail gets to wagging and anyone can see that the animal is beyond excited.
Think about the way you would feel if you got the chance to see a close loved one that you had not caught a glimpse of in a very long time. You would probably have a tough time controlling your emotions, as well. Now take this feeling and multiply it by a million and you are somewhere in the ballpark of how this pup feels during this special moment.

The owner puts his duffel bag down and the dog sprints directly into his arms. This is one of the most touching reunions that we have ever had the privilege of watching and we are grateful to the camera operator for offering us a rare look into one of the most touching things that we have ever seen.

Watching the dog get up on his hind legs to embrace his long lost owner is too sweet to put into words. This dog has missed his best friend terribly and we certainly hope that they will not have to part ways with each other again anytime soon. With any luck, this will be their last extended time away from each other for a long while.
[fvplayer src=”http://youtube.com/watch?v=KKNs193wKIg”]
You’ll definitely want to see the full reaction from both the dog and his owner, so be sure to take a moment to watch this clip in its complete entirety. Once you’ve finished wiping away the tears, pass it on to your friends and family members, especially those who have a dog of their own. This video is bound to tug directly at their heartstrings. Share away!

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