He Starts Singing ‘Happy Birthday.’ Now Watch Who Shows Up…


Birthdays are some of the most special occasions that we can experience, as they allow us to give thanks for another year of life. They are a time when we can gather with our closest friends and loved ones, eat cake without an ounce of guilt and enjoy the company of those who matter most.

But birthdays are not strictly limited to human beings. Even our animal counterparts like to get in on the fun, too! Take the pig that you are about to meet in this video for instance. While there is a very good chance that he cannot remember his own birthday (join the club), his caretakers have taken time out to commemorate the occasion in the best way that they know how.
When the video begins, we see one single cupcake sitting on the ground and hear the familiar strains of the Happy Birthday song. It is unclear who this party is being thrown for, but we certainly cannot wait for the moment where we get to find out. As the song continues, we see a pig come bursting through a fence. We definitely had to stifle a chuckle or two when he first arrived on the scene.

He’s definitely appreciative for this impromptu party that has been put together on his behalf and while he’d like to let the humans know this, he’s got more pressing matters at hand. He can smell the cupcake in his vicinity, but he seems to be wondering why they would put a stick of fire in the middle of it. Don’t these silly people know that he wants his cupcake not now, but right now?

Give him credit, though. He is patient and he waits for the entire song to finish. He even manages to blow out the candle all by himself, which is no mean feat for an animal who is not used to these types of celebrations. If only they’d hurry up and remove the candle from the cupcake, so that he is able to chow down in style.
[fvplayer src=”http://youtube.com/watch?v=fMroRe7tHKA”]
Videos like these remind us of the importance associated with appreciating our animals. Birthday celebrations make us feel happy and special and the effect that they have on animals is even more profound. Be sure to share this clip with your friends and loved ones, so that they know how much you appreciate them, as well. Spread the love!

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