He Starts Lifting His Head Over The Table. Once I Realized What He Was Doing, TEARS.


When this video begins, the dog is clearly in the midst of a super fun time. He is slowly, but surely lifting his head over a table and it may be hard to tell what his objective is. Maybe his parents are enjoying some tasty people food and he’s trying to beg for some? Or he could be on a secret spy mission.

As it turns out, he is actually one of the world’s greatest peek a boo players and could probably teach some of us a thing or two about to enjoy life. The sly look on the dog’s face as he slowly rises above the table and into the camera’s view is simply too funny. He’s a ham, with a natural sense for the spotlight.

Not only is he a ham, but he’s also got quite the flair for the dramatic. The big reveal happens towards the end of the clip and you just might find it to be the best 33 seconds you’ve had all week.

Benny the bulldog may not a baby, but his peek a boo skills just might put your little one’s to shame. Be sure to show them this video, so they can receive a tutorial from one of the world’s most foremost experts on the topic.

A clip like this one will force to run it back over and over again, so that you can appreciate Benny’s new and interesting approach to this common, everyday game. We are definitely envious of this fur baby’s parents, since they get to enjoy his hilarious presence every single day. A special thanks to them for recording this amazing video.
[fvplayer src=”http://youtube.com/watch?v=td9hO-t-RAo”]
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