He Spreads Salt On Wax Paper. When He Grabbed His Iron, I Started Taking Notes


Who knew salt had so many uses? It’s Betty Crocker, Hazel the Maid, and Phyllis Diller all rolled in to one cardboard cylinder of greatness. Salt can clean and iron, cleanup a broken egg, put out a grease fire, but did you know it can also be used in the bathroom? Forget closing your eyes, making a wish, and tossing salt over your shoulder for good luck, because that’s wasteful.
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Clean Gunk off an Iron

To clean up an iron, you simply grab a piece of wax paper, heat up the iron to its hottest setting and press in circular motions. Any gunk or build up that has stuck to the iron’s surface will remain on the wax paper and the iron will come away clean.

Clean Up Broken Egg Mess

We’ve all done it. Drop and egg on the floor and you’re left with a gooey mess that would make Mr. Clean cringe. Simply sprinkle a good layer of salt on the egg and allow it to sit for approximately 15 minutes. Then wipe up the residue.

Extinguish Grease Fires

It’s not as if an A-List cook would ever create a grease fire, but it does happen. Instead of committing a cardinal crime and throwing water on the fire, sprinkle liberal amounts of salt on fire. It might take a second or two, but the boys eating supper at the fire house will appreciate you’re your quick actions.

Clean Burnt Food off Your Pans

Burnt food? It’s not a problem. Sprinkle a liberal amount of food in the pan and add a little water. Swish the mixture around for a few minutes and rinse. The pan will look like you knew what you were doing with those diced potatoes and onions.

Clean Grease from a Sponge

Use 2-cups water in a plastic container, and add a ¼ cup of salt. Place the sponge in it and soak overnight. In the morning, you’re sponge will be clean and the water will be dirty—toss that mess.

Other uses for salt and household items are:

• Turpentine and salt in equal—about 1 cup each—amounts to clean bathtub ring. Be sure to rinse the tub well with warm or hot water to get rid of chemical residue

• Remove hair plug and pour a mixture of ¼ cup salt and baking soda, each. Pour ½ cup vinegar in the drain and wait 15 minutes, then empty boiling water. The drain will clear and no more clog

There are also obligatory uses for salt. Use salt on a steak to enhance the flavor, or on some vegetables to mask the flavor. While you’re eating—because we know you’re at your computer—leave a comment or share your own life-hacks for salt.

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