He Sneaks His Pup Into The Store, But The Best Part Is What Happens Next!


This is the story of an owner and his pet who decided to skirt the rules of society. As this clip begins, he is ready to walk into a local establishment with his beloved puppy in tow. But there is a sign on the front of the store that forbids his best friend from entering.

Watching the little pup gaze up at him expectantly as he studies the sign is a sight that is too cute for words. The man decides to simply stuff the puppy into his jacket and carry on with his day. You’d think that the sight of a grown man speaking to a suspicious looking bulge inside of his coat would’ve drawn more attention, but no matter.
As he is browsing the aisles and explaining the contents of the store to his buddy, they happen across a pretty girl who just so happened to be shopping at the same store, at the same time. She is obviously wondering why this seemingly deranged man is talking into his coat, but her curiosity outweighs her fear in this instance.

To assuage her concerns, the man turns to the woman and shows him his tiny surprise: the puppy, who is safely ensconced inside of the coat. He shushes her once she realizes what he has done, since her loud squeals of approval could potentially attract negative attention and get the dynamic duo caught.

It is clear as day to see that these two have made some sort of love connection and this is the sort of meet cute that you only see in the movies. The bond between this man and his dog is not only commendable, but it has also helped him to land the attentions of a beautiful woman, at a moment when it was least expected.

Dogs are often thought of as chick magnets and this story only serves to advance that commonly circulated theory even further. After this video is passed around the online community, you just might see a rash of men trying the same method as this gentleman, in an effort to curry favor with the opposite sex.

In order to see what happens next between this man and woman, you’ll need to keep watching, since we don’t want to spoil the surprise. While we don’t condone breaking the rules in most instances, this man’s unorthodox choice just might end up being the best one that he has ever made.

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