He Sits In A Kennel & Eats Out Of A Metal Dish With A Pit Bull. The Reason Is Amazing.


Statistics cannot determine how many stray canines live in the United States because of overpopulation. Some dog owners allow their dogs to reproduce indiscriminately by intention or ignorance, and they later end up on the streets with no home. A large number of these dogs are sick, and only a few are taken to shelters, and some are eventually put down when they can no longer be saved.


The video and pictures you will see, gives you an idea of what it looks like inside a dog hospital and the effort that is put into saving these dogs.


Dr. Andy Mathis, who works in a dog hospital, was about closing for the day when he received and urgent call about a dog who needed immediate medical attention. The neglected dog, a gray Pitbull was brought to the hospital in a critical condition. She had been abandoned and was found starving on the road. She was suffering from hypothermia which made her have a dangerously low body temperature and had a vaginal prolapse. She was named Graycie.

When you have no pancakes for breakfast. . . .

Posted by Granite Hills Animal Care on Saturday, February 13, 2016

The look on her face suggested how hopeless she was. However, the good doctor had two choices; he could either try to save her or put her down. The chances of her being saved were weak, but he wanted to attempt to save her. Graycie was not just ill medically, she was also emotionally damaged, after being abandoned and being alone for so long. Dr. Mathis had a lot of work to do for her. He came up with the best idea to help her, and this idea will shock you.

Dr. Mathis thought of a way to make Graycie more comfortable in her kennel when eating, so he decided to visit her during lunch and sit in the kennel with her while she eats. That isn’t even the best part; he also ate with her from a bowl similar to hers. This gesture displayed something greater than true love, he started eating first and served her food. Graycie was a bit shy at first, but she was more comfortable in a short time and started eating her food with zeal.


This gesture made Graycie feel like an equal to her doctor, and her self-esteem was restored slowly. Dr. Mathis realized that this method was efficient, and her appetite was growing, and she gradually started adding weight. He did not relent, and he kept encouraging her and even though she still has a long way to go to heal physically and mentally, she will slowly, but steadily, recover and be ready for a new home.

Below you will see a picture of Graycie’s progress and she has moved from weighing 23 lbs to 24.8 lbs after 16 days and three days after her surgery. Graycie’s story is indeed an intriguing one that assures us that all hope is not lost as long as there is life in us.


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