He Sets His Sandwich Down By The Dog & Walks Away. When He Returns? Amazing!


Brutus Maximus is not like all of these other dogs, though, he is a completely different sort. He is a service dog and service dogs are well known for their compassion and patience. This patience that he shows in this video just might take the cake, though.

He is at McDonald’s with his owner and the sad look in his eyes as he watches the tray of food in front of him slowly disappear may make you want to reach through the screen and give him a loving pat or two.

The owner decides to get up and comes up with a unique way to test the loyalty of his service dog. He leaves his sandwich sitting exactly where the pup can get it and he clearly trusts Brutus Maximus to do the right thing and leave his food alone.

The idea of leaving an unguarded sandwich in the presence of a hungry Rottweiler may seem like lunacy, but that’s why viewers should remain tuned in until the very end.

Brutus’ owner heads to the condiment dispensers to grab a little bit of extra ketchup. Most probably thought that the owner’s tray would be ransacked by the time he got back to his table. The average dog would not be able to contain their excitement in the presence of so much unguarded people food.

But like we said earlier, Brutus is not the average dog. He is still sitting in the same place that his owner left, begging with his eyes and leaving the food untouched. We can’t believe that he was able to control himself and this dog deserves a special treat for his great behavior.

[fvplayer src=”http://youtube.com/watch?v=tsnI-zhlogc”]
To see the treat that Brutus got for his valiant efforts, be sure to watch the clip in its full entirety. You certainly can’t judge a book by its cover and this helpful pooch is sure to reinforce that lesson for viewers who expected worse from him. Please share this hilariously touching video with your friends and family.

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