He Sees Something In The Icy River. When He Gets Closer… OMG


For many of us, the prospect of seeing an animal stranded in the middle of an icy river is more than we would know what to do with. While we’d all like to think that we would have the guts to take off our clothes and wade through the icy waters to save an animal in need, there are plenty of people who would freeze up (pun definitely intended) in a situation of this magnitude.


The man in this clip is a true hero. When he saw that the dog was in danger, he wasted no time getting into the water to rescue the defenseless animal. There was a great deal of ice blocking his path, but that did not deter him one bit. He simply busts his way through it and continues toward the dog.

Fortunately, the dog soon realized that he had a rescuer on the way and made the man’s job even easier by doggy paddling his little heart out. Watching the dog recognize that he had a guardian angel watching over him is too cute for words. The man even has his own cheering section back on dry land, which served as a powerful motivator as he pounded his way through the thick ice.

Clips like these serve a great reminder of all the selfless people that we have in the world. We can’t begin to imagine how cold this man must have been as he made his way through the ice and we hope that he did not sustain frostbite as a result of this incredible rescue. One thing is for sure: he is swimming with a purpose and this dog was blessed to have a person like him close by.

Viewers who are on the edge of their seats wondering about the end of this daring rescue would do well to watch the remainder of this exciting clip. Whatever happens to this dog, we are willing to bet that he does not end up flailing for help in the middle of an icy river again anytime too soon.

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