He Sees A Dog Outside In -20 Degree Weather And Acts Fast…


When it is -20 degrees Fahrenheit outside many creatures, like men and dogs, can die or suffer severe and permanent injury. This is a short tale of human inconsideration bordering on cruelty and another human’s compassion all brought about by a blast of frigid arctic weather.


On this bitterly cold day a woman took her dog, muzzled it and leashed it and led it out into the frozen air. The poor dog ached as the frozen sidewalks sucked the warmth from its paws, but being muzzled the dog could not complain. He could not bark in protest nor even whine. The lady did not even notice the dog starting to limp. Her feet were shod in worm socks and boots so she was comfortable. She did not notice the dog shivering because she had shielded herself from the cold in layers of clothing all topped by a big warm coat. She was in a hurry and as she was not suffering she had no reason to believe that the dog was suffering.

At last there goal had been reached, the local post office. She wrapped the leash around the railing next to the post office steps. Her puffs of breath forming clouds of ice crystals as she left the dog alone outside and hurried up the steps and into the warmth and good cheer of the post office. As she stood in line she commented that the weather was not fit for man or beast.


Meanwhile a man walked past the post office and his heart was torn. The sight of the dog so obviously suffering in the cold demanded that he do something, but his aching lungs and and numbed extremities all screamed in unison to be taken out of the cold his body was demanding warmth. Other passers bye pretended not to see the dog as they trudged on through the gray light in search of home or at least temporary shelter.

“Well fella, maybe in my next life I will be a dog just like you,” he muttered to himself and sat down net to the miserable creature. He picked the dog up and sat him down on his lap as he sat next to the sidewalk. The people walking by were relieved that someone else had taken on the responsibility of the suffering dog.

First man took off his gloves so he could work to particles of ice out out from the dog’s paw toes and massage them to get the blood flowing again, If the man had not intervened the dog would have likely developed frost bite. The man sheltered the dog from the breeze and that helped the dog to warm up a little and avoid hypothermia. To the humans walking by, the expression on the dog’s face was one of pain and gratitude. The man stayed with the dog until the uncaring owner returned.

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