He Saw A Cat With 7 Babies, But Seconds Later He Was Speechless!


When mama cats give birth to large groups of kittens, some might expect them to be identical to each other. But in reality, large litters of kittens can be vastly different and it often looks as if they have zero relation to one another.

Some might be big, while others may be small. Some are furry and some are smooth. There may be healthy kittens in the litter, there may also be unhealthy ones in the mix, too. This story is about a mama cat who shocked a group of observers with the vast differences in her litter.

The seven kittens came to her in a number of sizes and shapes. This odd litter even had a variety of color differences, looking more like a random grab bag of kitties, as opposed to a group of brothers and sisters.


Four of the kittens are big, while three of them are small, but she loves all of them just the same. A mother’s love is always unconditional and this cat is certainly no different.


Obviously, the cats are all from different litters, but shhhh! No one tell her that! It is also hard to believe that they are all able to recognize her milk, but she continues to nurse them like they are her own.

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The humans who found this mother are left to wonder what the heck she is doing with these seven babies in the first place. The mystery behind this mother cat and her brood of seven various babies is definitely a head scratching one.

This mother believes in equality and she treats all of the cats the same, regardless of size. One of the tiniest babies has even become adept at making his way around the big brutes in the crew and receiving the milk he needs.


The family that found this amazing mother hopes to adopt and spay her, once the kittens have all found forever homes of their own. Mom’s instincts have taught her to trust this loving family, but when other humans come around, she is quite feral. Just take a look at the complete video.


Mom could probably use a break from her parenting duties, despite her best efforts. Soon enough, her job will be done and all of these kittens will embark on a new life with their loving families.

This exclusive video of Mom with her odd family is worth a second (and even third) watch. Share this incredible story with your friends today!

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