He Rescued A Kitten & Introduced Her To His Pit Bull. His Dog’s Reaction? Absolutely PRICELESS.


No breed has been labeled more vicious and more violent than the Pit Bull. But this Pit Bull owner, like many others are out to prove that reputation wrong. He got his opportunity when he spotted a tiny little kitten deserted on the side of the road. He adopted the kitten and took it home and immediately introduced the kitten to Molly. Her reaction was priceless!

Molly proves not only to be gentle with her new and somewhat strange new sibling. She actually bonded with the kitten. She is very playful and friendly. Though the owner was cautious with the pair because of the size difference. But it is clear to see Molly hold no ill will toward her tiny charge.
Molly is not the first Pit Bull dog to be paired with kittens or cats. The internet is rampant with videos that show how cute and funny this mix is.

Molly’s human understands that the Pit Bull has gotten a bad reputation in recent years. Pit Bull attacks are big news. People who do not understand the challenge the breed faces are sometimes negligent with the animals. This is unfortunate. If a Pit Bull is trained well as a puppy he will maintain his friendly personality. People know that the breed is very strong and their massive heads and powerful jaws prove to be unbeatable when they are forced to fight. People have (illegally) abused the breed to force them to be aggressive and mean. Once any dog of any breed is trained to be a killer or to attack other animals or people, it is very hard to retrain them. This has become such a problem in some areas that property managers often refuse to allow a Pit Bull owner to live on their property.

However if the Pit Bull is trained to respect his owner and treated with kindness and given proper care, they are a very gentle breed that will serve well as a companion. Pit Bull owners everywhere are trying to prove this point, Molly is doing her part to contribute to the cuteness equation.
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Hopefully there will come a time when people will be punished for their abuse of animals. Maybe then it will finally stop. Until then, Molly will be hanging out with her kitty sister!

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