He Realized His Dog Would Die… Then Recorded This Unforgettable Video. WOW.


This young man has looked into the future and has discovered that his amazing dog will soon be no more and so he calls for celebration of life before death comes knocking.

Have you ever thought of losing your dog to the cold hands of death before? Do you believe that one day you could live without your adorable canine pet? What will you do when the priceless friend you love and cherish so much is gone and is no more?

The guy in the video is fully aware of these events and has prepared his heart for the future. He knows that one day his canine buddy will die and will be no more and so he has decided to make out time with his pal and share the most memorable moments that will never be erased in their minds even as they journey to the grave.

The intense bond of care and friendship that had existed between them must have led to this unexpected event. Thinking of the future and the effect the demise of his pet will impose on him if it (death) occurs, the young man decided to take up a remarkable decision that will last for a very long time and save him from untold regrets.

It is a natural feeling when you become devastated with grief and sadness as a result of the death of your dog. Although people may see no reason for shedding a tear for a lost dog, it shouldn’t make you feel stupid or ashamed because a pet worth living for is worth crying for especially when it is gone to a land of no return.

This might certainly not be his first time to share and have fun with his animal pet but this time; the story behind the scene is different thereby making it unique in all its ways and memorable in everything. I guess the dog too must have felt the same way seeing how he played joyfully and cheerfully along with his buddy. What an amazing way to get along with a dog you are uncertain about its future!

But why has this young man decided to take out time and make this day remarkably memorable for a creature like a dog? Has the dog being diagnosed of cancer? Have vet doctors declared that the dog will not last any longer? What really is the cause for this unexpected celebration of life?

Whatever the reason is, having quality fun with your pet dog is worth it. Do not wait until the faithful canine which has served you all this while is gone and no more before you begin to regret and say “had I known” then it will be too late to cry.

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