He Pours Raw Eggs Into A Muffin Baking Pan. When He Pulls It Out Of The Oven, I Started Salivating


This great little video shows you how easy it is to make omelets for a big group of people. The omelets are baked so they come out nice and golden along with being fluffy good. Check out the “One pot chef” and how easy it is to create these muffin like omelets.
This cool chef uses a common muffin tin to create these masterpieces. If you need to feed a large group of friends or family for breakfast or any other meal then this is the video to watch.

The friendly chef starts by sautéing onions and ham in a hot pan of oil or butter. You can also throw in some bacon along with some veggies like green peppers. Really this part of the mixture can include whatever you would like inside the omelet. Be creative and really make this come alive. I personally would chop up some good mushrooms to add to the mix, yum!

These little muffin omelets look so delicious when you see them on this video you won’t believe your eyes. Enjoy some of these today. The next step is to get the muffin tin ready for baking. Grease the oven tin lightly and add the meat and veggie mixture to the tin spreading out the ingredients evenly.

This next step the chef shows you is mixing the eggs in a mixing bowl. You will need about eight eggs. Next add a quarter cup of milk along with baking powder, oil and some salt and pepper. Mix all these ingredients together. The baking powder is added to make the omelet fluffy. Then you want to add some grated cheese on top of the ham and veggie mixture inside the muffin tins. This is so easy to make and there is only one step left to get these golden baked omelets.

This friendly and articulate chef makes it all seem so easy. Watch this video and you will see the magic come alive. Go ahead and pour your egg mixture over the top of what is already in the tins.

Now just stick the muffin tin into the pre-heated oven set to bake at 375 degrees. The omelets just need to bake about twenty-five minutes and you will be tasting the fluffiest and tastiest muffins known to man. Watch this video as this nimble chef whips up this easy to make egg-delight. You can’t believe how delicious these omelets really look.

Watch as this chef gives you a great idea for making omelets for your large army of eaters. These toasty and fluffy brown delights will simply amaze you. The “One pot chef” simply amazes you with this easy to make recipe. Watch this video to see how to make the most tastiest omelet you can imagine straight from your own oven. Watch this video and share it with others you will be glad you did.

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