He Pours Candy Into A Balloon. When You See WHY, You’ll Want To Make These For Easter!


Watch this video for a great twist to a traditional Easter egg hunt. You won’t believe your eyes as you see how easy it is to make these cool eggs. The kids will stay busy for hours making these candy filled Easter eggs. Have fun with these creative eggs. All you need to make these candy filled eggs is balloons, candy, string and some craft glue. Start filling your balloon up with some small candies, little Easter egg candies work fine. Use a small tube to feed the candies into the balloon. Next blow up the Balloon to the size you want the egg to be. Dip some string into some craft glue and then start wrapping the string around the balloon. Leave the string to dry on to the balloon. It will take about a day to dry. After it dries, pop the balloon and you will have an original Easter egg made out of sting! This is so cool because inside the string egg is a load of candy for the kids on Easter morning.

Return to the Sixties with these Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs

Create some “wow man” Easter eggs watching this video.

You can make some great sixties style eggs. The return to your old tie-dye days can create some great fun for family and friends.

The kids will have so much fun making these eggs. All it takes is some simple ingredients that you have in your kitchen. Take some oil, vinegar and food coloring to mix together so you can dip your eggs into.

Your kids and you can enjoy this great fun together. Your memories will be transported to the here and now as you help your kids with the egg dipping.

Your eggs will look just like the tie-dyed shirts of 1960’s Woodstock. All the great colors can be enjoyed again this time on your Easter eggs. You can even say “Hey dude those are really cool”.

The Crafting Diva makes marbled Easter Eggs

The Crafting Diva in this video shows you how to make marble designed Easter eggs. She uses only two ingredients and one is free. The two ingredients are water and nail polish which you might just have sitting around the house. The eggs looks very professional and are vividly colored. The technique gives the eggs a marbled multi-colored effect.

This video demonstration shows you how to color these hard boiled eggs with very little effort. It is fun and safe for the whole family. Take your colored egg making to a whole new level with this vibrant color technique. Only a crafting diva could come up with this ingenious idea. Enjoy this fun activity for the whole family on this Easter holiday.

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