He’s Old, He’s Blind, He Has Parasites… Just WAIT Until You See His Transformation!


It is usually much more difficult for senior dogs to receive the help that they need, since most people would rather invest their time and effort into puppies. Older dogs are often left to fend for themselves and many of them die alone, since there is no one there to care about their needs.

Cappy’s story, however, is much different. He was residing at a pet shelter when he was rescued by the Vet Ranch. Unlike others, who refused to care for him and wrote him off, they decided to give him a much needed second chance. We all deserve second chances in life, even old dogs like Cappy.

When he was found, he was all alone in the world, shaking on the concrete. He had no idea where his next meal would be coming from and by all accounts, he seemed fairly close to giving up on himself, as the majority of dogs in his predicament have been known to do.

Not only was he covered in fleas from head to toe, but poor Cappy had a litany of additional issues. His ability to see clearly had deserted him, his hearing was heading in the same direction, there are tapeworms living inside of his body, he had dental diseases, his pelvis was fractured and there was also a growing mass on his back.

This is one of the more amazing animal transformations that you will ever have the chance to see. The Vet Ranch workers rid him of the worms, gave him several medicated baths and provided Cappy with the necessary treatment for his flea problem.

They also performed eye surgery to remove his cumbersome cataracts and replaced the lenses he was wearing with some brand new artificial ones. Thanks to the Vet Ranch, he could see once more! His reaction to the first cat he sees after the restoration of his sight is absolutely priceless.

Over the course of time, Cappy began to heal and became a happy pup again. Seven weeks of care later, Cappy was then adopted into a forever home. Be sure to share this astonishing rags to riches story with your friends and family today.

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