He Mixed Nutella and Cream Cheese Together. The Result? I’ve GOT To Try This!


Cheesecake is wonderful but who really has the time to make one from scratch. This is an interesting variation on cheesecake that only takes a few ingredients and a lot less time that making regular cheesecake. This is yet another of a host of delicious and easy to make desserts from the One Part Chef. Cut about 100 grams (half a stick) of butter into a microwave safe dish and add a tablespoon of Nutella. Microwave for a minute or until the mixture is completely melted and mixed together.

Cut up seven graham crackers also known as digestive crackers (250 grams) in a food processor or crush them with a rolling pin. You want very fine cookie crumbs. Pour the Nutella and butter mixture into the crushed cookies.

Stir the mixture until it has an even light brown color and no liquid is visible. The cookie mixture should have the consistency of slightly wet sand.

Pour the cookie mixture into a 22 centimeter (eight to nine inch) spring-form pan. Use a flat bottomed glass to press the cookie mixture into the bottom and sides of the pan to make a crust. The crust should be even and about one-quarter of an inch or one-half of an inch thick. If you want firmer crust add more butter. Put the pan in the refrigerator to chill.

Cube 500 grams (one pound) of Philadelphia cream cheese into a bowl. The cubes should be one-half inch square so that mixing is easy. Do not fuss about the size. Sift in one-half cup of confectioner’s sugar onto the cream cheese.

Mix the sugar and cream cheese with a mixer until you have a creamy but thick mixture. The idea is to get the sugar completely mixed into the cheese.

Add a jar of Nutella to the cream cheese mixture. The Nutella adds chocolate flavor and also makes the cheesecake stiff so you do not need gelatin or anything else to make the cheesecake stiff. Mix the Nutella into the cream cheese mixture until you have a consistent brown color with a thick but creamy consistency.

Spoon the cream cheese mixture into the chilled crust. Be careful not to disturb the crust and make it fall into the cream cheese. Smooth the cream cheese mixture out so that you have an even layer. A nice decorative touch is to make swirls in the cream cheese.

Refrigerate the Nutella cheesecake for four to five hours or until it is set. You can tell that the cheesecake is set by gently shaking the pan. When the cake filling does not move, the cake is ready to eat.

The cream cheese reduces the sugar content of the Nutella cheesecake so that it is not too sweet and but you still get the nutty chocolate flavor of the Nutella. This is a simple and easy to make cheesecake that tastes like a bakery made it.

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