He Lost His Best Friend. The Way He Sings Moves Everyone To Tears – Including Simon


One of the best things about reality television singing shows, such as X Factor and American Idol is that they allow normal, everyday citizens to display their amazing talents on a worldwide stage. In special instances like this one, they are able to affect the lives of those around them and the people who are fortunate enough to hear them express their inner anguish through the beauty of song.

Josh Daniel is all of 21 years old, but his performance in this clip proves that age is merely a number, that our life experiences determine our level of maturity. While there have been a large number of memorable auditions on shows like these, you won’t be forgetting Josh’s performance anytime soon.

Simon Cowell is not who most would consider to be an emotional man. He came to fame with audiences in America and across the pond, due to his uncompromising standards and inability to sugarcoat harsh truths to would be singing stars who were better off hanging it up and trying their luck at a more traditional profession.

However, even he could not maintain his composure during Josh Daniel’s performance. Daniel chose the song “Jealous” by Labrinth. He chose the sing this song as a tribute to his close friend who had passed away two years prior. While this song may not seem like the most obvious choice as a tribute to a fallen friend, Josh explains to the judges and the audiences that the song has taken on a much different meaning to him now.

To Josh, the performance is about expressing the jealousy he feels, the jealousy that comes with knowing that your close friend is in Heaven now and that you cannot be there with them. While Josh pays the bills by working as a mechanic and also lives with his number one fan, who also happens to be his mother, the future is clearly bright for this young man.

Even Mom became very emotional during this audition, as was Simon. Mr. Cowell had recently lost his mother when this audition took place, so Josh’s performance touched his heart in a way that we had never seen before. By the end of the song, Simon was so overcome with emotion, he could not even bring himself to speak. It is rare that we get to see a performance with such power and meaning behind it.

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