He Keeps Seeing Things At Night, But Watch What His Dog Does For Him


Our nation’s servicemen and women do not receive nearly enough credit for what they go through. While many of us tip our cap to them for what they do while they are enlisted, a great deal of our soldiers continue to have major struggles once they arrive back home.

PTSD (also known as post traumatic stress disorder) is an affliction that all is too common. Soldiers are exposed to some of the worst atrocities imaginable when they are in combat and this leads to additional problems once they are forced to assimilate back into society.
The Marine Corps veteran in this story is named Nick and he was dealing with his own personal demons and drowning in a pit of despair. He could not sleep through the night because his nightmares were so vivid and intense. He lost his best friend when he stepped on an IED and the experience clearly shook him to his core.

As this video begins, he is telling the story of how they enlisted together by using the buddy program and his voice is trembling as he recounts the events leading up to his friend’s untimely demise. Losing a best friend is a difficult experience for anyone to handle and these particular circumstances only served to enhance his grief.

He also witnessed a suicide and as a result, he relives the graphic event each night. Shadows haunt his dreams, speaking to him, reducing him to tears. He’s even struck close friends and woken up with his AR-15 in hand. As a result, he was classified with PTSD and after an attempt to handle the situation on his own, he finally allowed himself to seek the proper assistance.

When it was discovered that Nick was living all by himself, it was recommended that he obtain a service dog. When Winston came into his life, that is when he was finally able to turn a corner and put the tragedies that he experienced during war behind him for good. He was able to get Winston for free, thanks to a program that offers service animals to veterans who do not have the means to purchase one on their own.

If you’d like to find out more about Nick’s unique connection with Winston and how Winston was able to change his life for the better, be sure to watch this heartwarming video in its entirety. Sharing this video will help to spread awareness about the plight of our brave and heroic veterans.

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