He Keeps Chasing The Dogs Out Of The Store, But Watch What They Finally Do. LOL!


Watch what happens when a group of snack loving dogs try to get their paws on a bag of Doritos. Everyone knows that dogs loves Doritos. When a group of dogs watches the Doritos display from a store window, they think of what they need to do to get their paws on a few bags. The dog treats were located two aisles down but these dos were not interested. They had the smoky cheesy flavor of Doritos on their minds. They tried walking into the store nonchalantly but the storekeeper would not allow them in. So they walked out downtrodden with their tails between their legs.


The dogs waited some time and tried to enter the store again, however, it was the same result. They start salivating more than Pavlov’s dogs as they continue thinking about how to get their paws on a bag of Doritos. They were not deterred by the No Dogs Allowed sign near the store door.

They tried the distraction technique where one dog bounced the ball to try to distract the store owner but that did not work. The store owner chased them out of the store. They tried to walk through a side door but the store owner met them there and blocked their entrance. What were some snack loving dogs to do? They knew that they would have to do something crafty in order to get their paws on a bag of Doritos.

At this point, any other group of dogs would have been deterred but not these hungry dogs. They waited patiently outside of the store thinking, salivating, and waiting for the right opportunity. There is a lesson in there somewhere.

After some time, the dogs found an opening. They spot a customer with a shopping cart. One dog – the designated Doritos grabber – hops onto the bottom of the cart. The dog sits there patiently as the customer slowly approaches the front of the store. It did not work. The store owner spotted the designated Doritos grabber and foiled their plans. There would be no Doritos in doggy bowls just yet.

What Finally Works!

[fvplayer src=”http://youtube.com/watch?v=MNRAdrB9TSs”]

Watch what happens when these dogs learn to rise above the entire situation by devising a plan the finally works! The results are doggone impressive. The dogs finally get their treats. The look on the cashiers face is priceless. Will yours be too? Watch the video to find out.

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