He Hollowed Out This Pototo Skin, But It’s What He Did Next That Had Me Begging For More


Potatoes are one of nature’s most versatile foods. There is no shortage of ways to prepare them, present them and consume them. With millions of different ways to eat a potato, videos like these may seem superfluous. After all, you can already bake them, mash them, fry them AND roast them. If there is a new way to go about consuming this classic favorite, I had yet to hear of it.

That is, until I caught my first glimpse of this informative video. Even if you have already taken the time to imagine every possible way to cook or use a potato, this clip is bound to amaze and astound, while also having you clamoring for more.

In my humble opinion, the best possible method for cooking a potato is the twice baked style. All other methods fall short of this one because of its ability to provide an extra layer of savory deliciousness and finesse that no other cooking style can deliver. This video gives you the chance to make your very own twice baked potatoes, with a cheesy creaminess that is unparalleled by any other dish.

This dish is sure to leave all of the guests at your next dinner party wanting more and Chef John is more than happy to share his secrets. To begin, you will need to grab yourself a handful of rustic potatoes and make sure that they are fat. The fatter the potato, the better the recipe will be.

From there, coat the outside of each potato with a smidgen of vegetable oil and place them into the oven after it has been preheated to 400 degrees. Once the potato (or potatoes) have been inserted into the oven, let them bake for roughly an hour. You will need a paring knife to cut them once they are finished.

Slice the potatoes the long way, stopping at roughly two thirds of the way up. If you need more help, then pay close attention to Chef John’s tutorial. The top can then be popped off, so that the potato may be scooped into a nearby bowl. Chef John lets viewers know that they do not need to emulate his recipe to the letter.

Once the potato is in the bowl, add butter, salt, pepper, whichever spices suit your taste buds’ fancy. Chef John uses green onions and white cheddar. Cream and egg yolk is added to the mixture and the potatoes are placed back into the oven.

In order to see the results of Chef John’s amazing recipe, watch this video and share it with your fellow potato lovers. Give these excellent twice baked potatoes a try as soon as possible and then let us know how you much you enjoyed them in the comments below!

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