He Has Autism So Severe He Can’t Speak. But That Changes When This Country Star Brings Him On Stage!


There has never been a time when medical practitioners declare that music can reduce symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) or increase a patient’s skill and ability to sing a country song. This is where the story of how an autistic boy by name, Logan Blade stunned the crowd by putting up a spectacular performance with country musician, Josh Turner. The duet rendition went exceptionally beyond expectation.
It all happened at the Grand Ole Opry when the country music star, Josh Turner took it upon himself to invite an unknown and unexpected personality to the stage for a musical performance. Initially, it was as if the invited personality was going to be a well-known country music superstar like himself (as most artists do, when they are performing on stage). In fact, there were cheers from the crowd when he stated that his guest was from a certain area in Columbia. But during the course of his introduction and contrary to expectation he began talking about how he came across a young autistic boy and how his song had inspired the young lad. To prove his testimony he had to invite the boy upstage, so the audience can see and believe.

Logan Blade had been living with the disease for almost all his life. It was learnt that the disease was first discovered in him when he was but two years of age. As a normal trend with autism, making simple conversation with people was a difficult task. It was relatively impossible for Logan Blade to communicate effectively with people. That was why the audience were unexpectedly stunned by the way and manner he effectively communicated his message through Josh Turner’s song during the event at Grand Ole Opry. It was really fascinating to see an autistic boy perform confidently to a cheering audience.

He drew hope and inspiration from Josh’s song as revealed by Josh Turner and was able to make his dream come true when he climbed up the podium to perform side by side with the country music star. The highly inspirational song was written as far back as the year 1999 by Josh himself when he was yet a student in college. More than a decade later, the song still serves as a source of inspiration and motivation to dejected persons like Logan Blade.

One of the most significant features that astounded the crowd was the beautiful voice the lad was blessed with. In fact, if not for the cameras it was difficult to tell the difference between him and the song owner from the sound of the voice. When you watch him (Logan Blade) sing that song you would hardly believe he has got severe autism. It’s really a miraculous experience, to see an autistic lad perform normal through music. Doctors are yet to discover this remedy.

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